Gillian Schutte
Gillian Schutte

A comprehensive guide to white privilege in South Africa

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    • Graham

      @Eurasian, very good point regarding white privilege vs black disadvantage.

      In other countries for example, all citizens have free access to healthcare and education (Grade 1 to tertiary), all paid from taxes.

      If I moved to Australia, I would be better off not having to fund these expenses. I therefore do not think I have undue privilege because I am white and living in SA. White people I do not think come to SA because “life is just better here”.

      I understand our situation is very different, but then I would expect the taxes I pay to help level the playing field (offer free services to people who cannot afford it).

      However I do not see much return on my tax payments, either to benefit myself or others.

    • Kiki

      I have a little problem with point 31.
      I am white. I should identify myself as white. As should any person identify him or herself according to their race. I don’t think that is the problem. The problem comes in allowing that definition of yourself to mean more than just a categorization.
      I’ve been thinking about contemporary racial issues a lot recently and I agree that most white South Africans (especially in Cape Town) are happily unaware privileged whites. The guilt should come from the actions you take today, not the actions taken by your predecessors. I can’t help that I’m white, but I can strive to erase social injustice for every human through my everyday actions.

    • dan

      I feel the same way about tall people. I have to use a little step ladder when reaching for things stacked away in the very top most parts of my cupboards. They are so privileged! Shame on you tall people! Shame on you!

    • Amanda

      Liewe Gillian, jammer dat ek in afrikaans skryf maar ek kan myself buite”uitdruk” in my moedertaal maar ek dink darem jy kan afrikaans lees. Jy het baie moeite gedoen met hierdie artikel, en aan die einde van die artikel vra jy jou lesers vir nog voorbeelde. Met van jou punte kan ek saamstem maar met ander nie. Jy maak of al wat n wit mens (behalwe jy natuurlik) is soos wat jy hierbo verduidelik het. Die wit mens is die tiran en die swart mens is die slagoffer. Daar is slegs n baie klein persentasie van witmense wat jy hierbo beskryf in SA. Die meeste witmense is gematigde afrikaners en engelse. Ek hoor en lees gereeld van wit mense wat ongelooflike opvoedingswerk en bydraes tot die arm mense (swart of wit) maak en maar dis of dit net niks vir jou beteken nie, jy kyk verby dit. Jy vertel net die slegte maar die ander kant van die muntstuk raak jy nie eens aan nie. Sulke eensydige joernalistiek laat my twyfel aan jou moetiewe vir n beter SA. Jy moedig mense aan om te gaan sit en dink hoe die witmens hulself verheerlik bo the swart mense. Al wat jy eindelik reg kry is swart mense om wit mense te haat en dat hulle dink alle witmense is soos wat jy beskryf. Gaan delf maar lekker diep Jullian en vra jouself af wat jou motiewe nou eindelik is met die skryf van die artikel. Ek daag jou uit om te gaan ondersoek instel na wat die witmense al vir die land en sy mense gedoen het. Jy sal dalk net ander insigte kry.

    • Samantha

      I agree with you wholeheartedly, but this is a gross generalization of white people and I think that’s something you should point out. I think any white person with that mentality needs a serious wake-up call, and I say this as a white person. As a white person who wrote this article, I’m sure you also don’t subscribe to the belief systems you have described here. We must not forget that there are white people who truly are not racist and who truly wish for harmony in this country. Just my two cents worth

    • Rhuan

      Wow, i am kind of disgusted with this article. I am white but i don’t see color, i grew up in a house of racism and was born in in the apartheid era, but severed myself from it because of my love for humanity. White, black, indian colored, we are all humans and tolerance of one another can go a long way. At current i am studying and putting myself through university by working every day as a contractor, and i’m not eligible to be hired by my current employer because of BEE, which looks solely at your skin and not your achievements. So the government is still promoting racism, although i choose to ignore it.

    • Dimitri

      To the author of this so called article, I have a few questions for you .1. have you ever lived in South Africa as of Late, not back then, NOW, and secondly, every word in this article makes me believe you’ve never EVER even been to South Africa, now how is that ? i Mean HONESTLY, You must not have heard of Plaasmoorde or farm Murder. I mean this article is a joke, and to any person who reads this article and Agrees with this, i feel sorry for you as you will have the absolute Wrong and downright BIASED opinion of every white human Being in SA. racism exists, it will always exist in South Africa, and every race has a right to be racist.
      White people are facing an absolute Dead end of inequality in South Africa today. I am speaking of the Whites of my generation, the youth, who had NOTHING to do with Apartheid, and mostly nothing to benefit from it. The South African Government and Police Service is Horrifically racist towards white people. crime statistics are forged and hidden from the international public, Racist Police officers hijacking, Raping and murdering innocent white families on roads for being “white” . and now you’re thinking “what ? this guy is a liar!” and that scares me, as i Live here and i witness this HERE, IN THE STREETS. AND YOU DO NOT,so Go back to your cozy…

    • Max

      White South Africans are Racists? some are.Not that long ago Australians labelled all Aboriginal people as plants /flora and fauna in order to take their Land. As flora and fauna had no right to land. If all South Africans whites were Racists than why there is so many Black people. Maybe you people should check how many millions native Americans vanished,how other populations of colored people vanished around this globe. The Black people are not racists ? Surely they are, some definitely are, take Burundi and Rwanda what was it ?a happy wedding party which just turned up bad? closer look at Europe-clandestine racism and discrimination and the tribe behind the mountain is an enemy.How many whites vanished because some decided that they will be superior from now.The EU established non-discriminatory non-racist laws.What the hell you need any laws for, if you can hardly get through the lawyers in front of the Judge, as lawyers swiping everything under the carpet .Surely not all the countries are like that. Some countries claiming high Human Factor Development and yet there is racism all over. Hardly to call it an animal development factor as animals do not kill and torture their own species like humans do. EU two tier development-what a hell is it-a new word for apartheid. Stop being an hypocrite if you want to be a human, be a real one.
      White South African
      And all the best for my white and black brothers and sisters.Deranged will stay deranged.Doesn’t matter where.

    • Carlos Fox
    • Daan Van Wyk

      Zepiel, That’s the spirit! No blaming of circumstances or of people – rather taking on the challenge of creating excellence in what you do, and therefore opening up the world for yourself and your compatriots. You can and will do better, I believe!
      I’m a white privileged male and you are a black privileged male. For both of us its not a curse, but it’s a huge responsibility. Now the challenge is to use our opportunities to leverage opportunities for those who has the potential to succeed in even greater excellence than we’ve achieved, but needs an open door/ opportunity.
      I try to do it by teaching some kids in a township nearby to read and trying to motivate them to start dreaming and working towards their goal.
      Wanna join me? I am dreaming of a bursary fund for “my” kids to open up a world of opportunities for those who dare to dream….