Share Your Thoughts

Share your thoughts

On the Thought Leader reader blog, we invite our readers to submit contributions similar to those posted on the website by our full-time Thought Leader writers.

So, if you feel strongly about politics, a news event, the environment, business, sport or any other field of interest, and you have original ideas you’d like to share, submit your writing to us. Well-written and well-considered contributions will then be featured on the reader blog. A contribution that covers current affairs, preferably local, has a better chance of being published.

  • Please keep our editorial guidelines in mind when writing your contribution.
  • Remember, this is not a letter to the newspaper. Don’t just react; try to debate and motivate your views.
  • Keep it to under 800 words.
  • Include your full name and one or two sentences about yourself.
  • We only notify the reader bloggers whose contributions are published.

Email your contribution to [email protected]. We reserve the right to decline or accept any contribution at our sole discretion and without notification. No contributions that advertise companies, businesses, services or such will be accepted.