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And what of African boys?

By Rachel Nyaradzo Adams As a woman who was once an extremely frightened girl, I know full well and appreciate the benefits that come with feeling empowered in a largely male-dominated world. Much of the abuse I experienced as a child was at the hands of angry, damaged, broken, lurid men. Much of the anxiety…

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Bert Olivier

Our oceans are dying

When even a mainstream magazine such as TIME highlights the fact that the world’s oceans are in imminent peril, alarm bells should be ringing loud and clear. In Jeffrey Kluger’s short, but punchy article, “Troubled Waters” (TIME, February 2, 2015, pp 12-13) the central photograph says as much, if not more than, his prose. This…

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William Saunderson-Meyer

The ANC gets an ‘F’ for fibbing. Must try harder

It’s an oldie but goldie. How can one tell when a politician is lying? Answer: When their lips are moving. It’s distressing not only that President Jacob Zuma’s administration is inept and corrupt. What is almost worse is the insultingly poor quality of the explanations proffered when things go wrong. After 21 years of assiduous…

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Koketso Moeti

Time to say goodbye to police’s R5 assault rifles

A bold campaign has been launched by Gun Free South Africa and calling on the minister of police, Nkosinathi Nhleko, and National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega to disarm the police’s crowd-control units of their deadly R5 rifles. The R5 assault rifle is based on the Israeli Galil, which was inspired by the AK-47. It…

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Bert Olivier

Teaching and learning in the ‘network society’

Teaching at university in the early 21st century requires of lecturers that they take the “lifeworld” in which students live seriously. This lifeworld comprises what Manuel Castells (2010) calls the “Network Society” (see here) – a global society that has actualised an ever-expanding web or network of electronic means of information and communication. The fact…

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William Saunderson-Meyer

Mbete, a disaster as National Assembly speaker

So, it is all okay then? National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete has apologised for labelling her bête noire Julius Malema a ‘cockroach’. After all, to err is human, to forgive divine? No, it is not okay. If the farce that played out around President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation Address (Sona) were to have…

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Reader Blog

Parliament isn’t broken – our political economy is

By Marius Oosthuizen To make sense of the anarchical tendencies recently witnessed in Parliament, we should pay attention to two key voices that recently gave us unprecedented insight into the state of South Africa’s political economy. The first came from Reverend Frank Chikane, reflecting on his experiences during more than a decade of public service…

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Talking Heads: Ory Okolloh

Ory Okolloh, founder of software company Ushahidi, is one of eight black women named as The 100 Most Influential People in 2014 by Time Magazine.

Underground Library: A fight for literacy

The M&G revisited Mohlakeng to speak to the founder of the Underground Library, Neo Mathetsa, about their efforts to improve literacy among the youth.

Voices of Africa

No doubt, Africans are about that sex toy life

Sex toys. Asking about them in polite society usually causes raised eyebrows and mumbles about their inappropriateness, but you don’t need to be a private detective to discover that they’re bought, sold and used almost anywhere you care to look on the continent. At the same time though, the sale of sex toys is illegal …

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From the slums to the silver screen: Uganda’s chess prodigy

Phiona Mutesi happened upon chess as a famished nine-year-old foraging for food in the sprawling and impoverished slums of the Ugandan capital. “I was very hungry,” said Mutesi, aged about 18. Now a chess champion who competes internationally, her tale of triumph over adversity is being turned into a Hollywood epic with Oscar-winning Kenyan actress …

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Mali government signs peace deal, Tuareg rebels delay

The Malian government signed a peace agreement with some northern armed groups on Sunday but the main Tuareg rebel alliance asked for more time to consult its grassroots. The deal, hammered out in eight months of tough negotiations in neighbouring Algeria, provides for the transfer of a raft of powers from Bamako to the north, …

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‘Mathabiso Mosala: 50 years of activism in Lesotho

Eighty-three-year-old ‘Mathabiso Mosala lives in a bustling, chaotic part of Maseru. Her house is located on one of the city’s main roads, crowded with shops, pedestrians and heavy traffic. Street vendors line the pavement outside her gate, their shouts mingling with the incessant hooting of taxis driving past. Mosala, or nkhono, as many fondly call …

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