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William Saunderson-Meyer

The Farlam Commission is being unfairly targeted

The final report of Farlam Commission of Inquiry into the events at Marikana, released last week, has been widely lambasted in the press. Equally scathing about commission’s “failure to get justice” for the 34 miners killed by the SA Police Service, has been the social media commentariat. The amount of criticism directed at Judge Ian…

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Reader Blog

I’m privileged and underprivileged

By Mfundo Radebe So, here’s the thing: I’m privileged; I’m under-privileged. As a grade 12 student at one of those affluent private schools which people complain reflect “privilege”, I believe I have had an incredible vantage point towards the social dynamics of our country. I’m not privileged economically per se; I’m just a township boy…

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Psychological Society of South Africa

What makes diversity dialogues relevant and meaningful?

By Curwyn Mapaling “We were like best friends and yet we just met that day. It’s so cool that you could come from such different places in the world and still form that kind of connection.” What happens when American post-grad counselling students from Indiana start talking to a bunch of post-grad psychology students from…

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Southern Africa Litigation Centre

Civil society plays key role in promoting health rights in southern Africa

By Annabel Raw The Southern Africa Litigation Centre’s health rights programme was established in 2007 to advance human rights and the rule of law in southern Africa in relation to the HIV pandemic. Our work under this programme demonstrates the importance of human rights and the rule of law in issues of HIV and health…

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Bert Olivier

Crime, capital and economic apartheid

In the book Blank: Architecture, Apartheid and After (edited by H Judin and I Vladislavic; David Philip Publishers, Cape Town 1998), Lindsay Bremner’s contribution, “Crime and the emerging landscape of post-apartheid Johannesburg” (pp. 48-63) uncovered the roots of racial segregation in the origins of Johannesburg as a gold mining camp in 1886. During the apartheid…

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Hansie Smit

Literary my best night ever

When I read online about a book that drew “actual LOLs” from one of its readers, I was intrigued. When I saw the author of that same book was to have a book launch at a book shop not five blocks from where I live, I put on a clean pair of jeans and a…

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Rod MacKenzie

Gardening, religion and the magic of sex

I shove my filthy hands into the soil and claw out roots and weeds, savouring the mess. A waft of mulch, half-dead weeds, decomposed worms and God knows what sweetens the air. Soon this muddle will be in order: scooped out flowerbeds surrounded by clipped squares of lawn which I will lay down on this…

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Featured Multimedia

Mamelodi transport debacle: Threat of a stalemate

Interviews with affected parties and local government in Mamelodi revealed signs of a breakdown in communication and the potential for a stalemate.

Between a rock and a tragic place

Eskom is refused an electricity hike, while Greece has to decide if it wants to leave the eurozone.

Voices of Africa

A killer app for Africa’s ‘telephone farmers’

When you think of an African farmer, the first image that will probably come to mind is that of an old man in the village, probably dressed in shabby clothes that have seen better days. Indeed, a recent report by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) indicated that in Africa, the average age of farmers is about 60, …

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How Britain’s khat ban devastated an entire Kenyan town

In a quiet and unassuming town tucked away in a hilly part of eastern Kenya, the British home secretary Theresa May’s name is spoken with barely concealed anger. Since her role in the ban of the town’s most valuable export, she’s become a universally vilified figure. For more than two decades, Maua enjoyed booming business …

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Does Caitlyn Jenner’s story mean anything for Nigeria’s Yan Daudu?

To understand the tasteless comedy that was the larger Nigerian reaction to Caitlyn Jenner, the woman Bruce Jenner introduced to the public on that iconic Vanity Fair cover, post-transition, you first have to understand the place of comedy in the country. There is a lot that comedy placates in Nigeria. That we can laugh at …

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Lupita Nyong’o joins fight to save Africa’s elephants

Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o has returned home to Kenya to spearhead a new campaign to stop the record slaughter of elephants for their valuable ivory. More than 30 000 elephants are killed every year to satisfy demand for ivory in China and the Far East where it is worth more than $2 000 a kilogramme. …

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