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Athambile Masola

Education for all: Is it possible?

While driving to school this morning I heard on the news that a school in Limpopo has been without textbooks and teachers since the beginning of the year. The story was framed as yet another example of government inefficiency and an echo from the past when the same thing happened to a few schools in…

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Bert Olivier

South Africa reboot?

In the course of all the hype around “Rhodes must fall”, I started wondering about the logic underpinning the direction in which it has been developing, which seems to indicate that — as some commentators have indicated — nothing less than South Africa “falling” would satisfy those driving the process of destroying all vestiges of…

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Claudia Hirtenfelder

Xenophobia: We are a fickle bunch

We are a fickle bunch.   It amazes me how quickly a group of people can forget what it feels like to be the recipient of hatred. I’m baffled by how once the victim of violence because of an unreasonable reduction in identity can flip and do exactly the same thing.   How quickly those…

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Nikita Ramkissoon

Yes, I’m brown and I listen to rock music

I am a rock music writer and photographer and while in the photography pit recently, I was asked “what does an Indian chick know about rock?” Aside from being called “an Indian chick”, which is an argument for another day, I was taken aback that in this day and age, someone could seriously still racially…

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Ravi Mackenjee

Dear government, you’ve let things slide too far

My previous letter to you seemed to strike a chord with some of my fellow South Africans, hence this letter to you. Once more, I will use a point form approach. 1. We need decisive leadership. That does not mean holding a press conference. Apart from making you out to be perennial underachievers, they bear…

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Thabang Motsohi

Labour-intensive growth strategies key to reduce unemployment

It is generally accepted that unemployment at current levels of about 25% (using the narrow rate) is the most critical and pressing of our socio-economic challenges as it directly impacts how successfully we can reduce poverty and inequality. The problem assumes crisis proportions if we consider that the broader unemployment rate sits at about 43%…

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Claudia Hirtenfelder

Talking ourselves to knowing a new tomorrow

What is knowledge to you? I mean, really, what is it? Is it something that is encapsulated in a document or is it a fractured, partial view of the world? Is knowledge finite and infallible or structured and unchanging? We don’t often reflect on how we know the world but if you were to sit…

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Weekend 101: From Xenophobia to Zille

From a directionless SA to a leaderless DA, Sipho Kings and Stefanie Jason take a look at the fiery state of the country.

Underground Library: 'Better than school'

The project is helping children improve their literacy through play, music and drama and a child with a learning disability has benefited already.

Voices of Africa

South Africans, explain your unforgivable actions

This week, media screens have flashed images of black South Africans executing violent acts on other blacks who are not South Africans. I have seen people petrol bombed in their shops. I have seen images of bloodied heads and faces. I have seen images of angry mobs walking through the streets, mpangas and other weapons …

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Xenophobia in SA: Attacking each other won’t resolve our economic challenges  

In 2008 in Gauteng, fellow brothers and sisters from the continent were injured and killed in violent xenophobic attacks. In January this year, violence broke out between foreign nationals and locals in Alexandra after a Somali shop owner shot and killed a 14-year-old who tried to rob his shop. Looting followed. It then spread to …

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Lunch hour at a Lesotho textile factory: A snapshot

I am standing outside the gates of a textile factory in the Industrial Area of Maseru West. The midday sun is blaring, and the air is heavy with waiting. In ten or so minutes, at precisely 11.45am, the factory workers inside the gates will get their one-hour lunch break. Outside the gates, preparations are underway. …

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African women who aimed to be presidents – and how they fared

It is no longer big news around the continent when a woman vies for president, although Africans rarely give them their votes: female candidates rarely get more than 1% of the total vote. Women candidates performed better about two decades ago when Africa was just transitioning into multiparty democracy. The pioneers – in the pre-Millennium Development Goals days before inclusivity …

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